Friday, June 05, 2009

Good ol' HIPAA

So, we've had well-check visits this week at a couple different times. Yesterday I took my 12 1/2 year old daughter in for her well-visit. She is healthy and doing well. She still wants me to go in with her, well, you know...I'm her mama.
Today, I went in with the boys. As I checked in the receptionist asked me if I wanted to fill out a form to give me access to their medical records online like I have with mine. I can make appointments, check lab results, email their doctor, etc. I said I'd love to and asked for 2 more forms for my daughters as well. Before agreeing they asked me how old they were and I so I told them the ages. I then get to find out that there probably isn't any point since in 6 months from now it will all be canceled because she'll be 13. I said, "so."
Apparently, due to HIPAA laws, my daughter (in 6 months from now) has the RIGHT to her medical privacy with regards to drugs, sex and MENTAL HEALTH!! In 6 months from now I have NO RIGHT to know anything about my daughter with regards to those 3 topics! She'll be THIRTEEN!!! NOT 18, not 21... THIRTEEN!!! I was heart was actually doing flip flops! The ladies behind the desk...all three of them saw my amazement and AGREED with me! They are equally irritated by the absolute audacity of it all.

My question to HIPAA...whose going to pay the bills!?


Liz in Seattle said...

I believe she can "consent" to letting you see the records. But that's only a solution for honest kids like yours and mine (who would sign the paper, I mean). Fundamentally, in this way, we are being held responsible for our children without being allowed to parent them.

Grrr is right.

elizabeth said...

Wow - and - good question!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am appalled, but the situation is fundamentally the same here.

Last week I had to sign a consent form for my 11 year old to have an immunisation, but once she starts comprehensive school next Sept, she could be given contraception or even abortion arrangements via the school nurse or young adult services without my knowledge and consent at any time in the future, despute the fact that she is legally a minor.

I find it terrifying.

How can you parent effectively when you do not know what is going on "behind the scenes" ?

JamesoftheNorthwest said...

As a side, HIPAA is actually not responsible for this. HIPAA is rather lax on these is STATE LAW that has the government sticking its ugly face between us and our kids.

Our state democrats under the banner of protecting children who in their opinion need protecting (e.g. children whose parents wouldn't let them have an abortion? Children whose parents would want a second opinion about a mental disorder diagnosis?

Children who would want
psychiatric counseling for something considered normal by the mainstream?) Sure there are abusive situations, but can't they be dealt with on a case by case
basis as opposed to sweeping the state into my living room?

But the scariest thing is what will happen down the road (particularly in a
state like ours) when the government feels they need to protect their kids from
us over reasons we cannot imagine right now? Or perhaps reasons we can imagine.
What if the state comes to believe that having a child go to confession is bad
for their mental health? Or, indeed, the very notion of sin and self-discipline
is interpreted as teaching self-hate? What about "gay" teens in our homes? Can
you not imagine the state taking them to "safety"? I may sound paranoid, but it
just seems to me that more and more...slowly but surely...we are asking the
state to care for us. All it takes is for some belief or practice to fall far
enough out of favor and the state will move against it.

One nice thing about states rights and authority (in situations like these) is that if things get too bad (such as they are likely to do in my state), one CAN move. However, if the feds throw down even stricter "child protection" laws then...well...what can we do?

Pres. Kathy said...

I never knew any of this - thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Marfa said...

It's absolutely ridiculous...HIPAA "protects" patients against too many things! We need to try to take health matters into our own hands. I try to go less than once a year to the DR. I think I'm able to take care of myself better than someone else...I know myself better!

Susan Sophia said...

I agree, Marfa. I've been doing a lot of research on herbal remedies and have taken care of all ills this last winter with them....very successfully! It is extremely satisfying to be able to take care of my family in that way.

Matt said...

Obviously, stupid people run the government.