Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two days on the beach this week...

A week ago today, we took some dear friends to Fay Bainbridge State Park on a beautiful sunny day and played on the beach for several hours. Here (from left to right) are Patrick (our guest), Charissa, Kelsey, Joseph and Nicholas. The spent the afternoon digging, splashing, running and getting very dirty. But they had a blast and slept very well that night!

At one point during the day Liz came running up to get her camera all excited saying, "Charissa caught a fish! She just reached into the water and caught a fish with her bare hands. A perch. I've never known anyone to do that!"
When we first got to the beach Nicholas sat in the sand just enjoying the warmth of the soft sand. He was watching the sand intently as it ran through his fingers. Then he started asking questions as he watched the sand move. He'd look very closely at it at times. "What's sand?"

Mud! Mud is always fun!

Then yesterday we went back to the same beach but this time we went with some friends from Church. Ellen's grandson, Riley, has been visiting all summer and this is his last week here before going back home to Virgina. Riley is on the far left. The kids had such a blast once again.

Joseph loves to dig in the sand and decided to bury himself.

We had the treat of seeing a bald eagle come flying out over the water and back again to this tree, twice. If you click on the picture you can see it close up. Bald eagles are so beautiful and majestic looking.


Liz in Seattle said...

Looks like Riley had as much fun as Patrick. So glad you all got to go out was gorgeous weather, that's for sure. Thanks again for a wonderful time with you guys, both last week, and Sunday evening!

Mimi said...

Gorgeous phtoos.

Matushka said...

My girls and i are pining away for the NW right now! :)
Great photos!

I'd love to e-mail you privately and ask you a couple of questions. My e-mail is:

M. Michelle

Bluecanopy said...

nice to see different beaches...don't you love summer?