Saturday, August 09, 2008

Food is Your Best Medicine and Orthodoxy

This book I'm reading, Food is Your Best Medicine, is an extremely fascinating book. I'm not one to read books that are so detailed medically/scientifically but this book is downright fascinating. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the book and as I'm reading the chapter on the functions of the kidney and what makes it function properly and what makes it function improperly, something occurred to me that I must share with my fellow Orthodox. The main theme of this book is that our bodies don't function properly when filled with toxemia or toxins that we've ingested via the rich, refined, overcooked, UNnatural foods we eat everyday. Our internal organs or FILTERS begin deteriorating or become overwhelmed with the work they need to do and can't filter the toxins out of the body as they should. Everything we eat our body doesn't need, those things we don't need in our body are the toxins it needs to eliminate. These toxins are what causes disease when not eliminated properly.
His remedy for having the healthiest body possible is in what you eat! If you eat as naturally as possible, uncooked fruits and vegetables, or vegetable broth and fruit juices, and moderate amounts of meat that is lightly cooked then your body will be healthy and normal (in the true sense of normal). When the body is overwhelmed with toxins his remedy is to “fast” on vegetable broth and fruit juices to cleanse the system. I wonder if you can guess what I might be getting at with regards to Orthodoxy.

In the Orthodox cycle of fasting periods and feasting we have been given the natural means to cleanse our bodies periodically. We are to fast from the richest of foods and to consume what should be natural and cleansing.

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