Saturday, March 08, 2008

For Joy and Gladness

Met. Kallistos Ware mentioned the reading from this past Friday being in Zechariah and some quote about fasting. I didn't catch it all just made note to read it. So Friday came and found myself reading this verse in Zechariah. I thought it was a great passage to share as we step forward into Great Lent.

Thus says the Lord Almighty: 'The fourth-month fast, and the fifth-month fast, and the seventh-month fast, and the tenth-month fast shall be for joy and gladness and in good feasts to the house of Judah. And you will rejoice, and you will love truth and peace.' Zechariah 8:19 (emphasis in bold added)

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Mimi said...

I noted that this past Friday as well.

Forgive me, my sister.