Monday, December 03, 2007

The snow is gone and now we are floating away!!!

I am completely astounded at the amount of rain that is coming down as we speak. We went from this....

To this....
The water above is over ankle deep to walk through. That's our driveway.

In just 12 hours. Our driveway is flooded, Diamond Dr. is flooded our neighbor has a HUGE pond in his front yard and my own yard isn't much better. I can't imagine what it would look like if we hadn't dug the trench. The trench is flowing! My rain barrel filled up 3x since last night and fell over. I finally rigged the pipe into the trench for now. We definitely don't need to SAVE the water! The kicker....I am guessing, based on my rain guage and a bucket that was outside (and emptied last night) that from 8pm-8am we got over 4 inches of rain!!!!! Now since 8AM(it is noon) we've had another 2 inches.
There are record breaking river flows happening. At Central Market in town their rain gauge says the MONTHLY rainfall has been 5.94 inches. IT'S THE 3RD OF THE MONTH!!!
Here is the latest from KOMOTV.

Lord have mercy!!!

It is closer to home than I really like. My BARN IS FLOODED!!! I have 2 goats and 43 chicks swimming!!! I spent an hour hauling pallets into the chicks to raise their floor up 6 inches, spreading many inches of straw into the goat stall and rescuing wet chicks!!! ARGH! I've soaked through 4 outfits with my needed outdoor work.
OH do I hope it doesn't back up the drainfield...this is UNREAL!
3.86 inches of rain since midnight at Central Market in town.


Bluecanopy said...

you hearty, hard working mama! i can't believe how fast it melted....

Mimi said...

It is amazing how much water there is.

Prayers it lets up, and that your barn stays safe. Are the animals out of harm's way now?

Elizabeth said...

That is phenomenal !

Prayers for the ceasing of the rain, and that you all -and your neighbours - are safe from serious flooding.