Monday, December 10, 2007

My complaints are completely unfounded!

In this post you'll read of the work I had to do on the day we got 7 inches of rain. I take it all back. Not the work, I had to do it, but the complaining. It was completely unfounded and I sit back now and say a prayer for these folks. These dairy farmers whose total income rests in this farm, or shall I say, what's left of it...
She is walking through their front yard.

Their livelihood laying there covered in mud.

Raymond dairy farmer Terry Smaciarz and his wife Lana survey damage to their 63-year-old barn. "I guess Mother Nature really kicked me in the butt," he said.

There are so many stories like this and the pictures are just unreal. Please keep the flood victims in WA in your prayers.

This last picture has nothing to do with the farm above but I just had to say, this is what happens when you build a road where you shouldn't build a road. You see it all the time. They just have to use the land for something even though it is steep and unbuildable. They build up these big cement walls fill in behind them and then build on top of it. Well, this is the outcome when it rains hard. Gee, I wonder what happened to that housing development in Bothell on Bothell/Everett Hwy. that was built completely on top of these big huge cement walls with back fill underneath them, with a big huge hill behind.
Lord, have mercy.


Liz in Seattle said...

Lord have mercy, indeed!

Where's the road? And I assume you mean the new development of pass-the-Charmin homes just north of downtown Bothell? Or could it be any of eight million others around here? Roads/developments like those do nothing if not demonstrate our arrogance (guilty as charged, though perhaps not with geotechnically challenged roads/homes).

Anonymous said...

wow! i had no idea it was that bad!


Mimi said...

It's been a mess indeed, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.