Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Magic Wand Anyone?

Well, it appears as if summer is completely gone and autumn for that matter. I feel like winter jumped from the sky 3 months too early! All of my projects I talked about earlier seem to be stalled due to the constant rain and cool temps.
In all honesty I think I've completely given up on getting a new coop in "before winter". Hah! Winter is here. No, really, there is just way too much to do. I did start it last Saturday, there was a break in the weather and I got the floor nearly done but then the weather turned which seems to have turned my optimism as well. Despite the fact that my chickens only gave me 8 eggs yesterday (it is so disappointing) I just cannot see how I have time to build a coop right now. I really am disappointed about not being able to sell eggs right now...there are some who say they won't buy store eggs anymore (it's so nice to hear). Anyway, if you buy eggs from us and read this, we won't be selling eggs except maybe 2-3 dozen a week ( and they are claimed).
One of the reasons I've set the coop on hold is that because of all the rain we are getting the goat yard and the coop run seems to have turned into complete mud pits. Worse then normal. So I have decided it is priority to dig a french drain across their yards to help with this. The area of the goat yard and chicken run has HORRIBLE drainage and we knew we'd have to do this eventually. But it is so bad right now that I cannot imagine going through the entire winter with mud this deep. Sooooo, the next few sunny days (if there are any) I'll be digging a trench!
The puppy is adjusting well and is so fun to play with. She sleeps in a kennel on the front porch and last night she "slept through the night". (As James said, "Who needs a human baby when you have a puppy." ) We fed and ran her at 10pm and she slept till 5am, which is when I had been waking to anyway and taking her out. She seems to get the elimination part quite well, in the grass most of the time. She loves to bother Killick. A name? We haven't voted yet, but I'm pretty much stuck on Mina....short for Wilhelmina which means protection/protector.

This coming Saturday we are going to a Harvest Festival in Sequim. A very different kind of harvest festival than I have ever been to and I am very much looking forward to it. There are 8 farms that will be on tour, 8 different kinds of farms (dairy, beef cattle, vegetable, flower, and more). At each farm there will be opportunity to learn about that particular farm, there will be activities for children, food, and even some music at some. Then in the evening (I do not believe we'll get to stay for this but it is SO COOL) there will be a potluck at one place along with an old fashion barn dance!!! I can't wait!!!

We will be insulating the cabin today and tomorrow! We have guests (they aren't really "guests" anymore) and it is COLD so we will try and get the insulation complete.

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog. Have a great day!!!


Mimi said...

Fall is definitely here! I like the name Mina! One of the women in our parish uses it as a nickname for her daughter Marina.

Liz in Seattle said...

Wow! We've been promoted! See you on Friday :-)