Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just thought I'd post some pictures and whatnot.

Not too much to say. Same old stuff.

We did go to the farm tours which was really a fun time. But I forgot my camera. We loved the dairy farm and the cattle ranch!!! Some of the other farms had some great activities for the kids like pumpkin decorating and straw crawls (digging in straw to find treats). There was also a hay ride which was fun. And it didn't even rain!!!
Here are some fun pictures.

This is what I saw in the WEST this morning as the sun rose in the east. It was so beautiful and only lasted about 10 minutes. The clouds in the lower right corner where very thunderous looking in person.

This is our little Mina. She is so full of energy and fun to watch.
Below, she is playing with Kelsey. It was so cute how she'd reach out for Kelsey's nose.

This is a funky egg we recently found in our coop.

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