Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bread Recipe

Grandma Syverson with her 3 oldest children, the girl in the polka dots is my mom.

As per Arielle's request...

Grandma Syverson's Whole Wheat Bread

3 c. scalded milk
3 c. hot water
1/2 c. sugar (I think I used less)
dissolve 2 pkgs. yeast in this.

In very large bowl mix:
4 cups whole wheat flour
2 Tbsp. salt
1/2 cup melted fat or shortening

Slowly add the liquid. Mix thoroughly. (It will be soupy at this point.)
Add 7-9 more cups of flour. Her recipe calls for white flour but I used 100% hard whole wheat. I also added wheat gluten per package directions. I do believe that when all was said and done I ended up using a total of 15 or 16 cups of flour which means instead of the 7-9 more it was more like 12 more.
Knead 15 minutes.
Raise till double.
Knead down and raise again.
Knead down and form 6 loaves. Raise one hour.
Bake at 350* for 45 minutes.

We made this on Friday and still have a loaf left. Sundays we don't each much bread because we are gone most of the day. In a typical weekday we go through nearly 2 loaves a day for our family of 6.

This is how I made it. Her recipe card had very few, if any, detailed directions.

Grandma Syverson is on the left.
Grandma Kauffman is on right, also an amazing cook.


Bluecanopy said...

Syverson...scandanavian? so nice to put faces to the recipe...thanks for posting that.

Liz in Seattle said...

What a wonderful post! I love hearing about "salt of the earth" folks. You come from good stock.


PS: Cute baby...

Mimi said...

Is that you in the bundle? Such awesome photos.

grammafaithie said...

Yes that was Sue in the bundle!

Susan Sophia said...

Dear Mommy,
I'm sorry but you are wrong! That is NOT me in the bundle! It is Nikki! I know you titled the picture "Susie and her grandmas" but it isn't me. When I was that young my grandma's were much younger and I remember when my grandma's LOOKED younger. If I had a scanner I could prove it. :)

Dawn said...

I love the pictures.

grammafaithie said...

alright, you are right, Sue. I did not remember mom going over to Uncle John's farm but that was when Greg and Kim were living over there (forgot that) so of course Grandma would want to see her first
Sorry! (must be something to do with age?) LOL

Karen said...

I am soooooo impressed. email me
Karen (your old friemd from CA)