Tuesday, March 13, 2007

She's growing up!

Kelsey Anna is just over 10 years old and she is definitely in her preteen time. Hormones are starting to rage and she is developing an attitude I hope won’t last long. I decided it was time to have “the” talk with her. Mostly to talk about the change that was taking place in her body. I wanted to make this a special time so we had a date. I bought her a lockable case and put toiletries in it and then I bought her a journal. But this was going to be a special journal for US. I thought of this while at the store and really love this idea so thought I would share it with you in case someone else might like to use it. This journal would be a place for us to write back and forth with each other. Sometimes it’s hard to face your mom/dad with tough questions or just words of sharing. Sometimes it’s hard to face your kids to tell them something important or even to apologize about something. This journal will give us an opportunity to be open with each other without feeling proud or nervous. What better time to start something than while she is young and VERY receptive. She loved it! That very first night she wrote to me and even with questions from that days talk. She also wrote some quotes from a book she liked. She kept it 2 nights and the 2nd entry had another question and something that SHE wrote (created).

Someday she may not want to write to me, as she gets older and more into her teens. But she’ll be able to look back at this and hopefully be reminded of our friendship and the love I have for her.

“The window of heaven is love and the door to salvation is pureness.” By Kelsey Anna



Mimi said...

She is indeed! Very profound.

She looks so much like James in the face, but with your eyes.

Liz in Seattle said...

Kelsey, you're sure growing up. And you're growing more beautiful every day. We love you!

The Fallins

Bluecanopy said...

what a beautiful young lady you have, susan. sounds like you're going to do a great job through these possibly tumultuous times. once again, I'm glad there are others who are doing it before me :)

Anonymous said...

Good idea. I think having something that she can look back at when she is in a rut(perhaps this will never happen, but I recall real darkness during the time of raging hormones)and being able to look back on something tangible and supportive and fun could be a very valuable gift. God bless you. Helen M.