Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just some updates and a request.

We continue to get eggs everyday, averaging 3 a day so far. One day we had 5! I'm told we'll soon have more than we know what to do with. I'm not worried as we already have 3 families lined up to buy!!! I think we'll need more layers! This little prairie girl is the one who loves going and collecting eggs the most and working with them. Charissa loves the bonnet I made.

Below is a look at our fresh eggs frying. LOOK HOW BEAUTIFULLY DARK ORANGE THEY ARE!!!!! MMMMMM If you don't buy fresh farm eggs or "free-range organic" from the store you are not familiar with how an egg is suppose to look. Crack open an egg and compare it to this! You'll be amazed! I couldn't help myself...I just had to try one and it was delicious. I can't wait until after lent!! I'll be eating them everyday!

Here are our hens loving the outdoors now! They devoured the grass within the fencing very quickly and so as I've been digging up the sod for my garden (which will be to the right of this chicken run) I've been putting the sod chunks in the run. They love it! They follow me around now all over as they want more and more "pasture". It has convinced me of the necessity to provide as much natural as possible. They much prefer it. Their feed troughs of commercial food go untouched for the most part! saving!!!

Last Friday, March 16th we had sun and 72 or so degrees! This is what the kids insisted on. Today? It was 30 degrees and frost on the ground!

And for my REQUEST!!!
I'm decidedly a very bad planner and therefore struggle nearly daily with the idea of cooking for my family. I would love some ideas of menu planning and some of your favorite FAMILY-FRIENDLY, TIME- FRIENDLY AND HEALTHY-FRIENDLY recipes! I know I have access to great cookbooks but I want to know what works for real people all the time. I can read through cookbooks and planning organization cookbooks...but what's life? Please share some recipes your family loves (especially if you have little ones). I emailed my aunts and uncles who all raised families and even some cousins who have little ones...but no one has written back. :(
I know my biggest problem isn't knowing what to cook it's more along the lines of self-discipline to actually follow through with the plan. Please pray for me.
You can email me recipes and ideas if you want or post them here for all to see.
susansophia (dot) f (at) gmail (dot) com


Christina said...

The biggest time saver that I do is on Sunday evening, after the kids are in bed, I go through my cookbooks/recipes and plan meals for the next week (sometimes, i will do two weeks). Then, on monday when Pavlos is in preschool, petros and I head out to the grocery store/costco and get everything we need. If i do a two week... OK, nevermind, I will send you an email as this will be just too long...

Liz in Seattle said...

Okay, now I'm gonna show up after Pascha with egg cartons in hand :-)

Do you want Lenten recipes? Or either? The soda bread we've been eating is really easy, but it's got buttermilk.

BTW, I'd love your hummus & pita recipes. Those were the BEST!