Sunday, November 05, 2006

They grow so fast!

Here is a picture of the chicks at one week old! It is incredible how different they look. They are getting real feathers on their wings and hind ends. They are really fun to watch too! They are quite the characters. They chase each other and making little attempts at flying. I've lowered their heat some and added some scrumptious chicken scratch ( bits of dried corn) and they love to eat. We have 4+ weeks left to get the fencing in so that they can attempt to go outside to eat bugs if the weather isn't too bad. They'll love that!
It sure is fun to watch them!
The Fallin clan has joined us for the weekend and I loved Brendan's response to seeing the chicks..."No fair! You get chickens!" It was so cute!


Liz in Seattle said...

I decided to served fried chicken for dinner tonight (Tuesday), to help him keep perspective. I loved the names you/we came up with on Sunday: Chicken Nugget, Chicken Kiev, Chicken Taco, etc. But we forgot Chicken Enchilada.

Thank you so much for hosting our brood ;-) We had so much fun!


Dawn said...

cute photo.