Saturday, November 11, 2006

...and grow!!

I am completely amazed each day when I go out to feed and water the chicks! It seems as if I notice new feathers each visit. I think that if I could sit there all day I'd see their feathers move.
We are having so much fun with these little ladies.
Here they are at 2 1/2 weeks. If you go here you can pop back to them at 1 week and you'll be amazed!!!!

Cousins, Cam and Kayla, came for a visit and they really enjoyed the chickens. Kelsey, Cam and Kayla all have a chick perched on their arms! That was fun!

I grow to love our new home each day as I walk around the property and work in the house. There is so much to see and do. So much to appreciate and love.
This weekend we were busy putting in new windows, stacking wood, hauling wood and a cutting wood. I spent a bit of time stacking wood that was delivered, trying to get it out of the pouring rain, but I had help. On Friday, right before the wood was delivered, Jenny (a dear friend from St. Paul's Church) came by ferry to spend the day with us! It was so wonderful to spend the day with her. She helped the guys put in the new windows and helped me throw and stack wood. It made me feel so good to hear her say "I'm going to quit school and come live here, this is so fun!"
On Saturday the cousins came as I mentioned above. We had a break from the rain and even saw sun much of the day. Early on my mom and James' mom went for a walk and mom took this picture! It is SO beautiful! It is the neighbors driveway but it's our property!!
This little piece of heaven is ours!


Liz in Seattle said...

Are you sure those are the same chicks? Rebecca wants to know which one is Teriyaki...

So glad you had fun with the clan!


Dawn said...

cute pictures

Mimi said...

They are getting so big!

papa herman said...

The picture taken from the walk is very pretty. What a nice environment to raise kids (and you and James) in.

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