Friday, September 08, 2006

Reading Charlotte Masons....

"Original Home School Series" which is SIX volumes long and first originally written in 1907. It will take me years to really read it all but will sift through it. If you home school or want to I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with her. There are several great books out there that summarize her philosophy and some great websites, like Charlotte Mason Resource and Supply Company
and Simply Charlotte Mason.

I wanted to share something I read that was pretty profound to me. She's talking about authority, specifically with regards to parents and children.
Authority is that aspect of love which parents present to their children; parents know it is love, because to them it means continual self-denial, self-repression, self-sacrifice; children recognize it as love, because to them it means quiet rest and gaiety of heart. Perhaps the best aid to the maintenence of authority in the home is for those in authority to ask themselves daily that question which was presumptuously put to our Lord - 'Who gave thee this authority?' "

I'm reading from another section right now that I want to share later.

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Arielle said...

Thanks for posting this. I love Charlotte Mason. What a cool lady.