Saturday, January 08, 2005

My thoughts overflow....

I really need to get on here more often and write! My thoughts are just overflowing with jibberish stuff.

We woke up to snow today!!!! It was SO wonderful and beautiful and pure! The snow cleansed my yard with beauty once again. Charissa woke up about 630am and I drag myself out of bed....I did NOT want to get follow her out of the bedroom. We walk into the dark dining room and passed the slider, she stops, yells "MOM" and points out the slider where the porch light is shining on a beautiful layer of snow. Her jaw dropped to the floor she melts to her knees. She stays there for quite awhile talking about how beautiful it is as if she is in love. It was angelic! Well worth dragging myself out of bed way too early.
My kids love the snow so much they spent a great deal of the day outside building snowmen...i think there were 4 1/2 total by the end of the day. And they spent a good deal of the day talking about wanting to live in MN or AK and I kept telling them Grandma Faith (who lives in MN) didn't even have snow.
Later in the day on the way to Great Vespers Kelsey's eyes were glued to the thermometer in the car as we drove....34*, 33*, 34*, and every time it dropped she'd squeal and every time it rose she'd moan knowing that if it went to 32* it was freezing and more snow could come. I had to keep reminding her we needed moisture too. On the way home it hit 32* and she squealed with delight, laughing and giggling. It was sooo funny.
Presently it is 31.5 degrees and there is a slight chance of precipitation. I would give anything to be dragged from my bed again at 6:30 tomorrow morning to squeals of delight!

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