Friday, November 12, 2004

An Amazing Moment for me

As I showed my frustration towards her inability to stop this terrible habit (that I feel I started her on) I looked at her face and saw so much deeper than I ever have before. She wasn't upset, I don't think, but she was so solemn and for the first time I saw inside this girl who is just like me. She's a girl, a child, with a heart, soul, thoughts just as my own. When someone speaks to her harshly, she would feel just as I would when someone speaks harshly at me. My heart froze, my mind raced & and words stopped short. How must I look to her? How must she feel sensing the disappointment in my tone and words over such a silly thing. Why did it take me so long to see depper into my children? Why do we react SO quickly & sharply to their mistakes, to their actions and energies? Sometimes I think they are almost like foreigners to us. We expect so much out of them but do not look beyond their faces and into their hearts. Why have I never seen behind their outter layers and into their heart? They're so beautiful on the outside, we dote on their beauty, making them so handsome and beautiful for others to look at and we feel so proud. But their inner beauty needs to be nurtured, to be loved and cultivated. She needs to see God in me! The God that is loving with a limitless love, the God that is patient with me. She needs to see God in me!


JamesoftheNorthwest said...

Wow...thank you.

seraphim/seattle said...

"In a very real sense we can speak of the "priesthood of parents." Their task is almost sacramental, for they bring God into the life of their infants and offer their infants' life to God. This is a holy "wholeness" about the task: the way a mother changes a diaper, the way she feeds him, the way she cuddles him, is as meaningful for the religious growth of the child as the way she prays over him or the way she brings him to church. Whatever a mother does for the baby is religiously meaningful if through this action and relationship she expresses love and care and conveys a sense of security and happiness. The quality of that love will be affected by the kind of relationship the mother has with God..."

"Our Church and Our Children" - Sophie Koulomzin

tho this particular paragraph speaks to parenting an infant... i think the same applies to toddlers, adolescents, and as we see our children grow towards adulthood. our relationship with God, and how we see and love them, is foundational.

offered with fear and trembling as i strive to love my own dear child with the love of God. thanks for your wonderful post.

)( seraphim/seattle

alana said...

Good words! The same thing God has been nudging in my own heart. Go figure!

sara said...

Lovely post...I am glad to see you have a blog! Hope all is well, and I look forward to more :)

Dawn said...

very nice.
I enjoyed meeting the whole gang on Sunday!
Thank you!

Mary said...

Your insight amazes me. Would that I could be half the woman, mother, and friend you are. Thank you.