Saturday, November 07, 2009

Our Church Fundraiser

The women in our Women's Fellowship group have been working for months to get ready for our 2nd annual Christmas Boutique. Last year we crafted on what each of us specialized in, donated our goods and set up a table where we sold our crafts during coffee hour for 5 or 6 Sundays leading up to Nativity. This year we decided to see how it would be if we had a Saturday Holiday Boutique open to the public. So we worked even harder! Being that it was our first year, we are a very small mission fairly unknown in town, and there were 4 other Christmas type bazaars in town on the same day I think we do alright. We'll be running our table during the next 6 coffee hours to sell what's left (lots).
I decided to take a bunch of pictures of the goods we've created. We've got some pretty talented ladies in the Church. Here I am to show you some wonderful Christmas gift Ideas. If you would like to do some Christmas shopping for Quality Handmade Gifts AND support our small missions land/building fund(we are currently leasing in a business park) you've come to the right spot. ALL proceeds go the land/building fund. I would gladly ship anywhere in the USA for just a small fee (flat rate $1.99). If you would like to see closer pictures I can email them to you. Each picture below has descriptions and prices. Click the images to enlarge and see the items closer for details. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! susansophia.f[at]gmail[dot]com

First up, Resuable Gift Wrap and Bags. These are fabric gift wraps and gift bags with ribbon to tie them. Reusable year after year. There are several different patterns to choose from. Each set typically has 1-3 wraps, 1-2 bags and ribbon for each. Each is a packet of several. Some are a set of 2 (wrap or bag or both) for $5. Set of 3 (wraps and bags) for $8, and set of 4 (wraps and bags) for $10.

The earrings below are made with sterling silver hoops and beautiful colorful beads. Click to enlarge photo for better view. Handmade! $20 each.

These are some of the best dishcloths I've ever owned! I got a bunch for Christmas last year from my kids who shopped the sale. I LOVE THEM. They are small, tight crochet and they last forever. So soft but not flimsy. I hope I get many more this year. There are tons of colors available and you can even order certain colors to be made if you don't see what you want.
$3 or 2 for $5

These scrubbies have a crocheted circular dishcloth sewed on the one side. So your scrubbie has a soft side and scrub side. $3

There are several things here to point out (click the picture to enlarge).
First, in the background you'll see 4 framed Quillings: salmon($25), flowers($15), farm($25), flower basket($15). Next right under the salmon quilling you have Reusable Produce Bags. You can use these when buying your produce instead of those plastic bags that just fill the landfill. $2 each. Next to that you have a stack of Shoe Bags. These are so cute, they look like a little pair of pants, but they hold your shoes when you need to pack them up in a suitcase. Many colors to choose from. $4 each. Next to that you some Jean Bibs that my 12 year old daughter made. $4 each.

Lavender Bath Salts & Foot Soak. Click on image to enlarge and read the description.

Gifts in a Jar! These are meant for the Slow Cooker but could be adapted for oven or stove top. They are $10 each. These are the meals that are available: Black Bean Chili, Ham Hock Stew, Rice Pudding, Old-Fashioned Brown Bread, and Red Beans and Rice.

These are an artisan type of box hat. They are cleverly made reversible and are absolutely beautiful! $25

Lavender Sache $3

Crocheted Water Bottle Holder, water bottle included. If you have certain color schemes you are looking for we can see about making them. For example school colors, or sports team colors. $12 each

Crocheted and Wool Felt Handbag. Fairly small these are currently holding perfectly, a notebook/journal. $20

This is our pet section. In the basket are handmade catnip toys. The catnip is home grown. $3 each. Then we have a quilted dog blanket/bed and quilted cat blanket/bed. $20.

Here we have Beaded Bookmarks. This first picture isn't very good but it gives you the length and look of these beautiful bookmarks. The next picture is a bit closer to see more detail. $8 each.

That's it folks. Thanks for browsing and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Marfa said...

Looks like it's going to be awesome! We should start something like that around here...

::Sylvia:: said...

What beautiful things! I hope all goes well!

Also, off topic-- I have started a "Psalter group" on my blog. We are breaking up the Psalter and each reading one kathisma per day. Between all of us the entire Psalter will get read each day during the Nativity fast. If you'd like to join us, the post is on my blog! :)

Hope all is well!