Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Admonitions for Parents 2

p3. This obligation belongs to fathers as well as mothers. There are fathers who spare nothing in order to secure for their children teachers of pleasure and to pander to their cravings as wealthy heirs. But so that the children would be Christians, so that they would exercise themselves in piety, is of little need to them. O criminal blindness! It is this very crude inattention that is responsible for all the disorder that causes our society to groan. Let us suppose that you have acquired large property for them. However, if they do not know how to conduct themselves sensibly this property will not last long with them. It will be squandered; it will perish with its owners, and will be their most grievous inheritance.
by St. John Chrysostomos

My introduction to this list I'll be posting for the next 25 days is here.

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Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing! A good reminder that a child Christian upbringing needs both parents involved.