Thursday, January 29, 2009


Do not walk after your own desires,
but restrain your appetites.
If you fill your soul with the desire for pleasure,
it will make you the laughingstock of your enemies.
Do not rejoice in great luxury,
Lest you become needy by its expense.
Do not become a beggar by feasting on borrowed money
When you have nothing in your purse.

Wisdom of Sirach 18:29-32

*The heading "Self-Control" actually appears in the Greek Text.


Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks so much for posting on self-control. This is something I am constantly battling with.

Marfa said...

This is so appropriate with the bailouts and stimulus packages the government is proposing...getting America more in debt.

::Sylvia:: said...

This is very important to keep in mind, especially with Great Lent approaching!

I wanted to let you know that I'm starting an Orthodox Pen Pal program. Check out my blog for details!