Monday, November 17, 2008

God heard me

This morning before I opened my bible to read I prayed a simple little prayer, "Lord, show me how to gain the wisdom I need." I then opened my bible and went right to this passage:

If you desire wisdom, keep the commandments,
And the Lord will supply it to you.
for the fear of the Lord is wisdom and instruction,
And His good pleasure is faith and gentleness.
Do not disobey the fear of the Lord,
And do not come to Him with a divided heart.
Do not be a hypocrite in the sight of men,
And be careful with your lips.
Do not exalt yourself, lest you fall
And bring dishonor to your soul.
The shall reveal your secrets,
And in the midst of the assembly He will strike you down,
Because you did not come in the fear of the Lord
And your heart was full of deceit.

Wisdom of Sirach 1:23-27

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