Monday, October 20, 2008

Must-See Movie

Elenie over at Orthodox Christian Education had a post about this movie. If you go to her post you'll see what Fr. Demetri has to say about this movie.
You can go to the Advent Film Group website to see a trailer and read more about it.
One of the links I followed said that they hope to have it available for viewing online later this month!!! But...maybe we should support their efforts if possible.


Cristina said...

Happy birthday, Sophia ! May God give you many years of light, of happiness and joy along with your family!

Mimi said...

That looks good.

Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend, Many Years!

Kelleylynn said...

Many years! So sorry that I missed it the first time I was on your site...hope it was a good day.

Jennifer said...

I saw the trailer a week or two ago. I think I'll purchase this one as an early Christmas present to myself. It definitely looks like it's worth watching.