Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long time no post.

Well, I guess keeping up 2 blogs is a little more than I bargained for. Oh Well! I'm still excited about my St. Brigid Farm blog and am doing better at keeping it updated daily, at least the egg count.

So life in general is pretty chaotic but I am pretty sure that a lot of the chaos is really due to ME and NOT just because I have 4 kids and a wanna-be-farm. You hear so often "how do you do it?" Well, my answer is "most of the time I don't". I'd like to think I do but in reality I don't. And the reason that is is not just because of the four home schooled children or the farm but because I am so cotton-pickin' unorganized!!! And because I have been so cotton-pickin' for pretty much all my life, any attempt to make myself organized usually seems to fail.
Well, yesterday I finally realized (as I've started for the billionth time to make some semblance of regime and orderliness with my children) that is it NOT going to happen overnight!!! Wow! What an epiphany!! So instead of falling to pieces because nobody cares a lick about my "new plan" I will just take small baby steps towards making the plan work. There are parts of the "plan" they are already used to so we got that down. For the next couple of days we'll concentrate on another part of the "plan" and so forth and such until it is habit!!

Anyway! Enough said on that! It's been awhile since I've written I have got to tell you a story, a kind of accidental experiment that took place here in my kitchen!
We received a pumpkin pie from Albertsons grocery store on Dec. 26th. It said "sell by Dec. 28". We ate a few pieces and then it sat in the fridge for about a week. Then I took it out and sat it on the counter to be thrown away but because it has all this plastic stuff that is not recyclable I hate to admit!!! that it sat on my counter for another week, kind of hidden by the coffee pot. I took it out yesterday to finally fill my trash can with it and noticed that there was not ONE SPOT of mold on the entire 2 pieces that were left. NOTHING!!!! Normally I wouldn't have thought twice about this but it hadn't been that long since I had BAKED a pumpkin pie from scratch! For Christmas day (so baked on Christmas Eve) I decided to bake a pumpkin pie. I had never done this but was excited to do so with my own pumpkin from the garden. Pie from scratch and everything. It was done in such haste that I forgot a very important ingredient....the sugar!! Well, because of this no one wanted to eat this pie! It sat on the counter...but not for 2 weeks like this other pie but my homemade NEEDED to be thrown away after 3 days!!!!! It was growing!! 3 days!

Have a happy day!

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sara said...

that pie thing is plain gross....hope your new plan is getting along :) i hear you, sister chaos. order is much longed for yet hard to come by around here as well. it must be even harder with more hands in the mix.

i've been having trouble posting comments with my google account...or i would have said something sooner.