Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chick update and more.....

The chicks are growing faster than I can remember them doing in the past. It's amazing. They are losing fuzzy feathers and growing beautiful colors, well at least the Rhode Island Reds are. The Black Austrolorps are turning more black. And they are so funny because some of them look like little penguins. They are now 2 weeks old.

I've gotten 10 posts dug for the garden fence. I'm hoping to get it completely fenced within the next couple of weeks so that I can let the laying hens in there to eat away weeds and to fertilize the soil for a couple months before I need to till it up for spring.

I guess I don't have too much else to say. Same ol', same 'ol. School, housekeeping, farming, mothering.

Here are a few pictures of the chicks.

Resting peacefully under the lights. I sneak a peek over the gate without notice. Once they notice me...they run!!! They scramble everywhere usually into a corner or along a side...smashing each other. Which is what they are doing below. I like the next picture because there was this little Rhode tucked in the middle of a bunch of Blacks. It was so cute.

Here is a cute little Black Austrolorp.

And this one is what James has named "The Creation of the Chicken".

Well, I do have more to say. Today begins the Advent Fast. May you have a blessed preparation for Nativity.


Mimi said...

You too!

you are such a cool chick mom! Or chic mom!

Bluecanopy said...

peep peep. basil enjoyed those photos...he LOVES animals.

he wanted to ask you a few questions...

what do they eat?
do they think you are their mother?
do they live inside or outside right now?

Susan Sophia said...

They eat a special food called "chick crumble". It has special vitamins and minerals and lots of protein to help them grow and it is crumbled up very small so they can eat it.

I don't think they think I am their mother. The reason I think this is that they try to run away from us when we go see them. They scramble all about and peep VERY loudly. As they get older (IF I remember right) they get more and more used to us and even will sit on our arms and shoulders. (look at posts from one year ago, they have pictures of chickens sitting on shoulders)

Right now they are inside under heat lamps to stay needs to stay about 90 degrees for them. In a few months we'll move them to their new coop and let them outside.

I hope you can come visit our farm someday, Basil. You would love it!

Bluecanopy said...

thank you for the answers :) he was impressed with the fact that they will sit on your arms and shoulders....