Friday, August 03, 2007

"Daddy, will you miss me?"

The girls and I went to the library this evening. I was searching for books to take home to the boys and I came across a book titled "Daddy, will you miss me?". It caught my attention and wondered if it was another book about divorce or something, but I opened up the front cover and read.... To a child waiting for his father to return from a trip, four weeks can seem like forever.

Okay, this is not what I thought and I immediately turn to the first page and read...
My daddy's going to work, far away in Africa---without me.

This hit the spot for us. We are all missing daddy so much!!
But every day feels longer than the one before
and every day my daddy feels further and further away.
So, I try to imagine my daddy in Africa
when I look at the map hanging on my bedroom wall.

We marked our calendar tonight...only 12 more days. Charissa collected a box of trinkets to show dad when she gets home and Joseph hid away his birthday crown the his sister made him, just for daddy.

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