Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Forgiveness and Butchering day!

First and foremost....

As we begin this Lenten Season I bow before you and ask forgiveness if I have offended any or all of you, (my 11 person audience). May you have a fruitful Lent.

Secondly....the pictures below are not for the faint-hearted. Do not scroll further if you are a vegetarian (during lent only doesn't count-if you are curious about what's below). It isn't gross..I don't think.

Ironically, I chose to spend my Clean Monday cleaning (butchering) my very first chicken! I was very nervous and was not at all ready for this job. But a co-worker of James' was desperate to rid her coop of a mean, nasty rooster who attacked everyone and I was not about to let the meat go to waste. So after reading 2 different books on the subject all morning, James headed to Sharon's with pellet gun in hand. (He was warned that it was NOT a good idea to even get close to this thing.) An hour later he pulled into the driveway with bird in bucket. I immediately strung him up and went to work. Surprisingly, the roles my daughters took in this adventure were completely the opposite of what I would have ever expected!! Kelsey hid from it all saying who mean I was and Charissa was right there pulling feathers like a champ!
Below are a sequence of pictures. First of us plucking feathers. Second of the bird cooling in a bowl of water waiting for the "drawing"(a much nicer word for "pulling the innards out") and the last is of me and my prize. It went surprisingly well. Next time I'll remember to cut out the vent (which is where the contents of the intestines leaves the body) BEFORE drawing out.
I think I could get used this!


Liz in Seattle said...

From unassuming suburban housewife to Amazonian farmer...you go girl!

Dawn said...

hooray! nice job.

Elizabeth said...

well done indeed !
Have a blessed Great Lent !

Mimi said...

I forgive, as God forgives.

I ask your forgiveness, my sister.
(I did skim the post, I hope that's ok)

Bluecanopy said...

God forgives and I forgive...please forgive me,a sinner.

Woo hoo! look at that clean thing...not so mean anymore, is he? And what chubby legs. Be sure to tell us how he tastes.