Friday, December 01, 2006

Updates and More

Hello there! Life has been so busy! We had a great Thanksgiving weekend visiting with many friends and family who ventured over the water to see our new home and US! It was so wonderful to see so many warm and friendly faces we hadn't seen in so long. We miss you all so much!!!! James wrote about it a little more here.

The chicks really do not look like chicks any longer. They are 5+ weeks old now!!! If there is a rooster or two we should soon be hearing some attempts at crowing.

And the wonders and beauty of snow!!!! Oh, I do miss it often. This time though it came with some deep cold that I did not like. Mostly because my little chicks just don't need that kind of temperature while they are still accumulating feathers for warmth. We had 18 for a low one night!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!


Mimi said...

Great photos! I'm glad you stayed warm and enjoyed.

And, you are right, those don't look like chicks anymore

Anonymous said...

Goodbye, chickies; hello...chicken-ies?

Glad everyone stayed warm, and enjoyed the snow. Steve had a 5-hour commute home on Monday (I was out really stunk. Ice skates, anyone?)

In case we didn't say it, we had a BLAST with you over the weekend. Miss you!