Monday, October 23, 2006

What's happenin' at the Ferrenberg Farm....

While I'm still unpacking boxes I've found the time to get our and explore my little corner of the world a bit more. This past weekend we had my niece and nephew with us for 2 days and on Saturday I pulled on my boots and we headed to see what we could find out there in the beautiful forest surrounding our home. It was really quite fun and inspiring. I finally know where the property ends as I came across a wire strung up across the far east end of the property. Right next to the wire I found a peculiar sign posted....
"No vehicles allowed." We all laughed as we trampled through the trees and high brush that surrounded the sign. A road? One would have never guessed there was a path at one time that could support a vehicle.
On Sunday afternoon I changed into work clothes and once again pulled on my boots, but this time I went out and began to work on our soon-to-be chicken coop. There are 4 big windows in the coop, two have actual windows that will let in lots of light and the other two were just window openings. After some thought I decided to just board those openings up so as not to let in too much draft and critters. So hammer, nails and boards in hand I went a-poundin'. I then staked out the fence line where I'll have my chicken run. A nice big area that includes some brush and a small group of raspberries that need became out of control ( don't worry I have two rows of tame raspberries in another area, so i'm not wasting these-they'll be a nice treat for the chickens next summer). I look forward to finishing up the coop to welcome our new chickens in the next week or two. We'll get day old chicks that will live in a small brooder in our mud room for the first 4 -6 weeks. Once they lose their fuzz and grow feathers they'll head out to the coop.
OOOHHHH I can't wait to start getting eggs!!!!


Liz in Seattle said...

(so jealous)
I'm definitely bringing my omelette pan when we come over (and some tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions).

I check your blog every day, my dear (as if you have time to write). Miss you much!


Susan Sophia said...

I'm getting more into a routine here on the farm and logging on more often as I get used to the dial-up. Most days I check it at least once early morning.
I hope to do frequent updates on the Ferrenberg Farm now that it is soon to really come alive with creatures.
I'm so excited!

grammafaithie said...

I am getting excited to see your farm. I want to tell Liz to bring her omlet pan when I am there, but guess those little chicks will NOT be laying eggs that soon!!!! LOL. Love to all from grammafaithie!