Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In my kitchen

Thank you, Arielle-Juliana, for inspiring me to try something new. I have never baked pita bread and you gave me the courage. Here are some pictures of the outcome. They don't look quite as good as Arielle's but it was so fun and yummy. And the best was entertaining for the children. They loved it.
Also, you will see my chopping helper hard at work. The girls take turns chopping the salad vegetables each evening.


Mimi said...

Yum! They look great!

I like your chopping helper, but my favorite picture is the one of her watching them cook! Too cute!

Dawn said...

i love the pictures.

Arielle said...

Yay! I finally came and checked your blog. They look perfect! I bet it's way more fun to make them with kids around. I miss cooking with all my preschool kids. It's SO much more fun to make bread with three year olds who make a big mess than by myself.

Gotta git me some kids. Yep. Or at least borrow some.

Susan Sophia said...

You can borrow mine anytime you want!!!!

Arielle said...

You know, I might just take you up on that. In Seattle, I spent three years as a day care/preschool teacher, so I knew most of the kids on Queen Anne and all their brothers, sisters, and friends. I ALWAYS had plenty of kids to take to the park, to plant seeds in my garden, to play in the snow, etc. Now I'm far away from them all, but have a gigantic garden to plant seeds in, so the little walks to the park or to my garden may have to become field trips.

I really want to plant pumpkins this year - maybe the Ferrenberg kids will have to come visit Miss Arielle's pumpkin patch!