Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Here I am!

Okay, so I've finally given in and joined the crowd of bloggers. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to talk about but would like to possibly share and talk about some of the things that I have been reading. I've been reading some amazing things lately and they have had a profound effect on me.

Here is a little bit about me.
My name is Susan Sophia Ferrenberg, my patron saint as you have probably guessed is St. Sophia, mother of Faith, Hope and Love. I'm an Orthodox Christian of 2 1/2 years with my amazing husband James (who is NOT a stranger to the blogging world-Paradosis), my lovely daughters KelseyAnna(7) and Charissa(4 1/2) and my two little boys Nicholas(3) and Joseph(almost 2). (Can you guess at about where we became Orthodox?) We live in Bothell, WA and worship at St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church with many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am amazed daily at God's blessings and can only hope and pray that I will never take them for granted. God is good and truly amazing. May I be able to share adequately my feelings and beliefs with any who happen upon this way.

Lord have mercy!

In Christ,


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alana said...

Welcome to blogopia! I'm adding you to my roll.

Jim N. said...

Welcome! So do you and James share a computer? Were it not for the company laptop I have, there would definitely be days when Laura and I would be sparring over who is going to blog while the other one sits and steams over the wait! ;)